November 1, 2010

l i f e - recording ..

day by day , my mother work hard for me
until she move to another country is singapore :)
she left me with my grandmother n grandfather, they take care of me
but my childhood wasn't beautiful as other children i don't have nice toys for play
my grandmother taught me very hard, little bit wrong she beat me many times
not do my homework or help her to clean house she will beat me to , im like maid
every hit will bcome blue my skin, until got stripe blood :'|
i don't know what she do that to me , she really sayang me ? or she hate me ?
i just quite only, bcos if i against she will be mad with me & beat me again ..
she take my phone, mayby 1 week i just take my phone 2 or 3 days only
my mom know it but she can't do anything , she working & can't back hometown
if my mom sue her, she will beat me & dont want take care of me again
every week my mom will transfer money to my grandmother for pay my school & give money if i want buy something , but im not receive and get the money ..
my grandmother take it all & i just get 1/4 part of the money, but lucky im still can eat & save money if i want buy something :)
everyday always like this , im cried , she beat me , she scold me , ya im like suck child & my house like hell with fire guard x) aside her still got my grandfather, if my grandmother start to scold me or beat me he always hinder me in her back then im cried ..

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