October 28, 2010

l i f e-recording ..

hi everyone first time i intoduce myself,
my name is Jessica.Ang , Ang is my family name :)
born on 15 november 1992 , im come from indonesia .
now stay at singapore with my family & i have 2 xiao memei,
this is second time i wrote novel about my life bfore i have wrote at my old computer but all gone ! my stupid computer remove all bcos got virus . OMG , but it's okayy i can still write it again from beginning .
in this life i have ONE ANGLE she's MY EVERYTHING !
she was pregnant me for 9 months in her stomach, she give me eat, she give me a breath, she treated me until i came into this world but with his tears & grief . why i can say she bear me with tears & grief ? thats bcos my father not over there, he left me & my mom during pregnancy 1 month . he is loser guy & so dare said im not him child ! but i know GOD see all what he do & GOD is fair, HE will arrange all the way humans :)
after i was there, my mom find money to finance all my life . i can't image it ! everyday go to work & back home tonight must feed me eat & accompany me sleep until i really sleep . behind that my grandmother take care me if my mom go to work, i don't know why i never ask my mom about my dad that time ..
if i can repeat i'll choose for not came into this world, bcos me she sad ; bcos me she must work hard ; bcos me she must bear all things , you still want me, you still hold me tight, you still take care me, you still there for me, you still sayang me , you still take me like sweet girl . MOM ur PERFECT ! i proud you to be mine !
my father never find me, he never come to my house also . he still stuborrn im not his child ..

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