November 12, 2010

GOD , im proud to be 18 yo from fifteen.november.twothousandten
thanks for all present the most hurt & the most happiness , i appreciate it :)
thanks alots from all my friends on fb remember my brithday , thanks for all wishes
thanks alots to my Jelylimao , she come to singapore on 101120 to celebrate my brithday
she gave me teddy bear & we are very happy can spend time whole day that time hope can meet you againn my jelylimaoo :)
thanks alot my wawa , she accompany me until passed 12 o'clock my brithday
she said happy brithday n asked me what i wish ?! hahahaha x) i just wish i can get my happiness and you always there for me my wawa it's enough ..
thanks alot my babe n her fam , sing happy brithday on 12 o'clock to me i was deeply moved :')
her mom n her dad is my god mom n dad , all her fam sayang me so much i can feel it
thanks alot for heart who belong to me until now i appreciate it ! so sorry if sometimes i make you hurt or sad of me :') but i've tried the best for it ..
why i said i get the most hurt & happiness on my brithday ?
my brithday quarell with her after that at home quarell with my parents until they shouted to me :'| i cried hard that time but thankful for my parents n her i can take it for my lesson :) the happiness i get some present from someone she sent it special for me , thanks my buddyy but until now still waiting your present come from uncle post . hahahaha :D
humm , from that day fifteen.november.twothousandten my life step by step diffrent & change not just my life but me n people around me also got change mayby bcos me change to but it's ok still all going fine i don't want take difficult if they want go from me i won't hold n let them go but remember i still support all the time dear's
life make me to stay strong & go on from my darkness & sickness :') my heart like stone can't feel the hurt again & i bcome cruel girl from this time bcos got alot people take me as useless or rubbish then i'll prove i can stay with my smile n my life now , though hard & all is worse ..

i'll back off so you can live better , that's all i can say .."

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