November 19, 2010

NIGHT my blogg , now is 00.30 midnight
i still here writing blogg i don't know im feel sleepy but i want write something here :) just now got some girl sent me message like this "this time round if really happen what again , i won't say anything .. i'll blame myself for not handling my relationship well .." humm ya acually im speechless to x)
but i reply her message like this "humm , this things already on my mind mayby "the end" is soon . i'll let some ppl go if that's can make them better , not bcos im not love them but bcos i love them is honest i'll bring my hurt away :') though hard but i'll put up my face to face it .."
mayby some people will think yeahh this is a wrong way bcos for let the ppl we love go away, if you hold them n you still with them you ever think they would be happy ? i don't think so :) if someone is ready to leave means they already have the right decision & they are ready for all the risk they bear ..
BABY hear me now , hold me tight if you won't me let you go don't ever think to say "GOOD BYE" to me . once you do that to me it will be my strong to stay without you & second time you do that again to me i'll bcome more strong more than before , mayby third time you do that again i'll don't care & i won't feel hurt bcos you had do that to me bfore :')
you can't get me back to be your girlfriend , but i'll remember i have a sincere love to you bfore then i'll be your angle with warmth , with light for your darkness , with rain for your freshen up , hold you if you down :) i'll be there for you

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