November 22, 2010

this month is very much happened that changed my life,
and my tears are falling, mayby it happened because of my own do without me knowing what i do :'| yeahh , im blind baby .. SO SORRY ABOUT IT ! i can't see which one right way or wrong way , i just do what my heart want to do then bcome like this ..
life complicated, love blind & im lose :'| i'll try to change it , i'll try to control my temper also if not i'll lose all that i have YOU, FAMILY, FRIEND & people around me i don't want it to happen in MY LIFE ..
after last night i cried now i know that you LOVE ME SO MUCH more than anything, but i do wrong with you i give you thousand HURT until you tired to hold me . i proud i had you in my life bfore THANKS ALOT my pig :') hope i can fix that hurt bcome no hurt or no tears for you . now we like 2 human die don't have topic to talk, don't have sweet taste to feel, OMG ! keep silent in darkness, keep silent in this situation, keep silent until want scream out "I HATE YOU, but I YOU" yeahhh .. i can feel it, when i break up with someone that the most hurt that i've . now i listening music Daphne Khoo - Desperate, make me want to cry n feel so lonelyy here ..

P/S : im desperate im calling out ur name
im faling i cant feel ur flame, its so cold and i..
i wanna go home
wanna feel ur arms around me
so afraid
with who i am
i need your strength
to live again

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