August 25, 2010

BABE , sorry for last nite if i hurt you
i cant control myself , but after you told me the truth
i understand about that , next time dont hide everything with me
just tell me the truth & i'll understand your situation :D
sure you can let her go ?
if cant just tell me then i'll go ,
you know about me , i duntwant to get hurt again ..
now i just have you & nobody else
please dont hide everything with me , bcos i need you
if you want me to go , let me go now .


today meet you at 2 pm ,
wahh so nervous later you ilfeel with me
hahaha XD
im not lengzai , today you bcome my keai babe
i miss youuuuuu ,
hope today can take alot photo with you
n go around & hold your hand ..


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