August 26, 2010

yesterday we went to bugis ,
meet & go around in there like a silly people
dont know where we going , hahaha XD
sometimes we holding hands & we always talked about our life
about your job or me , but i like the way make you jealous
hahaha sorry my babe ..
we went marina bay & sat there
talked & laughed i like to see your smile
its so sweet , secretly i take your picture
you are a spoiled girl , but i like the way you put your head on my shoulder
Photobucket Photobucket
i like your tease me ,
its very amizing
youre my type girl , hope can be my last girl
after that we went to chinatown , meet your boy friend
hahaha XD your boy friend just keep silent looked at you & me
he's like not supposed , so pitty pretty boy XD
we go maxuel go dinner there ,
wah i give you know my aunty & my uncle
let they know who you're my sweet babe :D
after that we walked to vivo city
go water park , sat there & play water
you said " i never find one friend/tb/couple let me play water at here"
hahahaha :D so im the first ppl let you play water over there ..
but you started busy with your handphone
got msg from your ex , im started to bored & sad
try to hide it from you , try to understand who iam for you
"yeahhh , im just your secret dear .. "
not your lover or couple ,
until we went to go home , i just keep silent
try to control my feeling
i miss you

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