August 24, 2010


we meet on facebook at 070510
same as other first time meet intros & blabla ..
first time meet she has gf , im single
but next day she has quarel with her gf
about something problem ,
she always told me about everything she do everyday
from her work or do something .
actually i just take care her like new friend
nothing so much important or special
but one day , she got send me message at fb
she told me that she like & loved me
OMG ! this is not what i think before , we just friend
im not reply her msg , then for few days i go away from her
" sorry i cant acpt about your feeling bcos we just meet .."
so sorry dear ..
after that i find her , then try to talk with her
everything is gonna be alright
but with condition i had gf already ,
time time time , we like best friend
every time i've had problems with my gf she always help me to solved
until one day i had gf , she [ex] is so SIAO'LANG
she [ex] is veryvery fucking people ,
then i broke she still beside me give me support
always accompany me everyday , if i need she always there for me ..
and apparently her gf oso same like my ex ,
is not suspected my ex bcome gf my friend gf
OMG ! this like is not impossible but this true ,
then my best friend already know it she very hurt & broken heart
i just can accompany her everyday gave her support
& do silly thing for makes her laugh ..
sorry friend if i just do that for support & acc you :D
hehehe ..
what we do , what we say , what we want
that always same , like 2 soul bcome 1 soul
we like twins , always do stupid thing , talk about silly thing
laugh together , happy together & sad together
we like this moment when we called at phone
then talk about someone , teased with silly thing
hahaha XD

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