January 18, 2011

RECORDING life 2011

OMG , 2011 is my lucky year i think :) hope this year i get my job , get everything that i want .. yesterday my mom fall sick /(x.x)\ mom get well soon yar , for temporary i change your job to be housewife hahaha :D love you mom actually i don't like saw my mom sick ! ==" anyway now my life at singapore is getting better :) i have a new friend who can be beside me when i needed them . thanks my charlie-kun you make my day & because you to i have alot & ah.jie .. hahahaha :D but so pity me they like to bully me ==" this week got alot appoitment with my friend & my mr.pig like today go her house because she cook curry chicken & fish ! ahahahaha :DD thanks dear :* tomolow accompany my jelimao to find iphone 4 yeyyy !! she come from JB tomorow , then then thu actually want to go pub but i don't know i'll atteding it anottt xD

life is so difficult it's not easy to survive .. humm must add oil :p but if you keep trying & enjoy it .. you will feel spirit for life & pursue your dream come true

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