January 19, 2011


you always blame me that we break up because another girl , because im too flirty & layan them with sweet talk .. you always believe what people says about me , that's means you love me ? you didn't trust me at all .. IHATEIT ! :'| first time you said you never believe your friend & now you believe your friend who want to destroy us ?! i think now she happy ya because she win it ! :) i don't know what kinda of person can destroy us ?! and that time you said "i think she never do wrong or tell me lies .." OMG !! im feel like .. anyway if you trust her why you didn't relationship with her ? she perfect more than me :) SAYANG , first time we know each other i never touch you or flirty infront of you .. that time we can together because you started first & not me .

P/S : i don't know what should i do , but i just want give you my best

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