October 18, 2010

*im here
*i am WHO i am

first say i want to say thanks for my bbyy
bcos her i got idea for write this blogg :)
"bbyy what do you do i'll always support you .."
somebody want to be les or normal it`s fine, bcos les also normal rite ?!
and this is life spinning like a wheel, if you're les and back into normal it`s good thats means you give chance for your life who knows it will bring better changes :)
but bfore you back or choose to be normal you must think the risk what will you get later , if some your friend just teased you bcos you back into normal that a bad praise !
and someday if you back into les its not a bad decision also not means you return back, but this life honey :) anytime people can change anytime people can take what she/he think it`s good for themselve ..
FRIEND'S dont give up ! LIFE must GO ON ! :D

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