September 4, 2010

i love you girl
LOVE _____ s t a r t i n g

when this love has selected & aligned ,
and start to love some people
that which we choose to stand for what happen in the future ,
whether hurt or happiness we will get
what do you do any writing either note or status on facebook ,
i always ask for who and what she meant
because im always afraid to lose & you'll leave me
surely every girl who is in love or affection towards a person
will feel the same feelings with my current situation ,
worried that someone we love will leave us ..
because we love HER , n need HER more
and didnt want HER to leave us
for the TB , please understand the feelings of the TG who loves u
mayby sometimes not just TB must understand the feelings of TG
but TG must understand about the feelings of TB
in relationship mayby sometimes have little problem & quarell
but you know , it makes us more & more adults to address that
one had to succumb & be able to control emotions ,
if not all will end with tears & hurt ..
each other must acpt advantages & disadvantages of our partners
if one of our partners we have been cool slowly ask
if we've got the answer , we'll arrange a way to get her
to change step by step dont forcing .
remember all takes so many time :DD

Photobucket P/S : love is natural & without reason . no lie or playing with fire , be her player if she want to play , but be her serious one if she wont to play :D

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