September 1, 2010




girl thanks for the hurt & thousand tears you give
thats meaniful for me , from 21 agst until 27 accompany u
but i never thought we finally had to part
what we do at last day , feel your hug
feel your warm kiss
i never forget it babe , ur give me heaven
but in 1 second you destroy it all
this is the most hurt when i had
really im so hard to write & saw this blogg
bcos what we do im always wrote in this blogg
n your photos still there for make me cried & hurt
when time could be repeated i'll repeat it all
never fallen with you
never called you babe
never meet you
or know who are you
better im feel alone & cold at here ..
girl , u know everyday im trying to forget you
everyday hope u can see me n who iam
but i realize it you never see me again
now you smile & laugh with your happiness
im happy to see your true smile but this heart so hurt
u not with me , n u not for me
im restless , sickness , n breathless
like this time i remember our memories
your laugh , your tears , your smile , your warm
i keep in my heart
you said i should keep this heart
im smile with tears againnn :')
now im sick , everyday more worse
but the pain wasnt as pain you left me girl ..
thank you for everything .

Photobucket P/S : im still waiting you , when u sad or unhappi im here for you . find me girl , i miss everything about you .

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