August 23, 2010

DEAR : have one girl she live at sg to , she chase me XD
BABE : haha , leng mou?
DEAR : suii , tg one :D
BABE : wah... let me c her profile ah dear..
DEAR : later i give you know but not now :D okayy babe ?
BABE : ok dear.. huhu so hw? my dear likes her?
DEAR : mayby i like her :D
BABE : hor...
DEAR : why oo babe ?
BABE : no lah :-)
DEAR : hahaha , got someone jealous :D
DEAR : i like her as my friend , i cant love her bcos to much diffrent me
& her if we meet always argue . im starting to love you my sweet sugar :D
BABE : huh... hehe..bad dear! shy..

BABE call me but i didnt pick up bcos i eaten ,
the i go call BABE back XD
blablabla ~
[at phoneeee]

DEAR : if you want to call me , call my home :D im not go , stay
at home my dad n sist go ..
BABE : hehe, ok ok :-) sure u bz online kan ?
DEAR : not , im bz update my blog , my fb so sepii lahh ~
BABE : haha, later i go back i kacau ur fb. ***** add u in fb too ?
DEAR : en , need to remove her ? bcos i just need youu baby XD
BABE : haha, dont . nanti salah sangka dia dear.
DEAR : salah sangka knph ar ?
BABE : she wil think tat i ask u to delete her loh..
DEAR : she will find me gehh ? my *** find me , then she want to move sg :D
BABE : haha.. my dear, u mis her alot huh.... :-)
DEAR : hahaha , i dont know she already have , i oso already have :D
BABE : already have wat dear.
DEAR : Gf :D
BABE : wah...who's my dear's lucky gal?
DEAR : not yet ,
we just friend lakk waiting her to realize it if im starting to love her :D
BABE : wahh.. dear... dat girl sure lucky to have u..
DEAR : i think i just say that with that girl "im starting to love you .. " XD
BABE : hehe... is she your babe? Xp
DEAR : i think :D
BABE : hohos! hw many babe my dear hv?
DEAR : my sweet sugar babe just ONE :D
BABE : sweet..^^ who who who ? :-D
DEAR : no need to ask agn , if you ask agn i'll change with other girl ,
want ?
BABE : :-(duwan:-(
DEAR : then waiting her to love me back XD
BABE : haha.. stupid dear. hug hug :-D
DEAR : why stupid , bcos she not love me XD need waiting
for thousand years . BIGHUGS
BABE : hehe... dear serious ?? muacks mis u yo!
DEAR : im serious :D mwackshh babe ..
BABE : hehe mwackshh where ya..
DEAR : at your brow :D i want write blog again about funny chat ..
BABE : hahaha , wat funy chat dear....
DEAR : you see at my blog my sweet babe


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