August 23, 2010

Photobucket BABE , ITS OKAY :D

babe dont hide everything with me ya ,
what do you feel now or next day 我會留你那裡
i know you are very hard to forget her , but i'll help you
we are friend & nvr knows what happen in the next day XD
just hope you'll always be happy with the way you choose
you're sweet girl i know you're diffrent with other girl
then you be my diffrent BABE
if someone bully you ya i'll scold them
we have many similarities :
1st ; we can speak indonesia [ its so amazing XD ]
2nd ; we are christian [ can go church together :D ]
3rd : we live one place [ heart + heart = ] haha
BABE dont argue with your manager again
im scare if you angry i cant image it , i think your face macam craby XD
Photobucket today im still missing you



im not perfect , nt pretty. i dont hv much for people to fall for.
but i appreciate i have you, hank u for accompanyin me through these hard times.
it is very weird & suprise to know tat we hv alot of similarities.
no matter how hurt uur with ur ex dears i still wish u the best.
people who dump u r stupid 4 nt apreciating u.
we hv a same similar attitude, we can like but we dont fall in love easily.
n once we're in love we will do our best.
Dear .. hugs. i mis u


if you love me can acpt me , i'll love you back .
im scare to fall in love again , bcos my experience in the past .
can be said your problem with your ex same like my angle without wings ,
now she left me bcos she back with her ex .
i dunt want fall for second time bcos i learn wht its hurt ,
i want find who really love & can acpt me with all iam & not leave or say good bye with me
so bfore i get hurt i'll it go then leave , its more better way ..

i miss you 1

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