July 27, 2010


I myself don't know what to do , i afraid the words that come from you . it feels pain hurt , i don't know i should cry or happy. my heart was in pain , i admit i cried , i feel hopeless and lost. I love you , no doubt for it. yet you push me to others , you know that isn't what i want. how am i going to face you , how am i going to talk to you , how am i going to lean on you , while im fear . i've tonnes of words wanna say to you , but how am i going to confess it to you , the oly i really care . i want to talk to you so badly , do you know that. will you stand by me , face the whole world with me , but not leaving me alone. there are so many of unspoken words inside my heart . i cant stop thinking will you behave like what my previous loves one , im scare , i really dont know what to do. please , i never want to leave you , but now i feel like everything i do i talk are crap . so many questions and hardly solved myself , wondering why you talk to me like this . you wanna leave me , and how i going to hold you if you insist to leave me . i just wanna you know that i love you , that is true . i really love you , every second , every minute , every hour .

athank you so much for you :) but i think your ex more need you , altough i know u need me . u let your ex still take u like her gf then u said " as long as she happy u happi " :) im'leave ..

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