July 27, 2010

KID hope everything will be okay ..

r ling,
im sorry i hurt you , this is a stupid things i do
u know , i cant hide anything from you n i cant hide it for a long time
better i give you know more than u know from other ppl
so that can make u more hurt ..
sorry i make u sad & cried this time , i cant hold your tears
i cant do anything for make you happy im like useless ppl ths time
GOD , im sorry i cant be a good friend for r ling i regret it !
r ling , i hope u can understand . all happen without planned ..
im sorry i hurt you to , im not means do that for you
im not means give u know how to cry with this way , im feel really sorry
i'll remember about your promise last nite , but if u feel cry can make u better
i'll let you cry again ..
i give back your wings , u can fly :) see how a wonderful life in this world
i'll be your shadow , so when your wings weak to fly i'll give my hand to hold u from earth
angle dont worry your foetus already back to her place , she fine :)
be happi with your life , im not for you & you not for me .
oyah , foetus said she loves you angle ..

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