October 3, 2010

everyday i spend my time just with you
hold your hand , laugh together & do silly things at street
dear , really love you now :)
i wont make second mistake & make you so down like that day
but i want to tell you my temper so high n so hard to control it !
so sorry if that make you hurt dear
this 2 days you keep busy with your work, but its okay bii
i understand it yesterday 021010 i saw you working i just feel
i proud to have you my ah.bii
and take some your photos :D
its my fav do if i see you baby ..
when i meet you,
i feel dont want to come back home
i dont want see you let go of my hand
and want to says "please stand
here & i miss you so "
last nite we went to river , laughh , and jokes :DD
but to bad i feel tired n sleepyy
i dont know why ya dear , this few days i feel so sleepyy
i bcome piggyy jor de XDD
like thiss ..
hahahaha :DD sure you will laugh if see that emotion babe
today my mom cook bakute , so delicious !!
hope can eat together with youu , but so bad you busyy workingg XDD

P/S : iloveyou & imissyou . mwaakshhh

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