October 11, 2010

111010 - daybyday
woke up this morning & felt a fever ,
last nite i couldn't sleep well my eyes feel sleepy & tired now
what happen with me ? huhhh ..
GOD , dont let me sick again im tired
today mr.naughtyy oso like moodyy n tired ,
she wasn't enough sleep & this morning must arrive early at workplace ..
my body temper is uncertain ! SHIT :(
my dad buy alott snack , can make me FATTYYYY ! XD
my mom havent recover but she still can laugh n today go gaigai with her, FUNNY ! :D
my first sist she tomolow exam , GOOD LUCK MY SIST ! :D
my second sist angry bcos just now she doesnt eat ice cream but i buy ICE KACANG for her :D

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