September 23, 2010

♥ tanglung - 22910

♥ tanglung

♥ Chinatown


22910 i saw it go tanglung festival at chinatown : )
go with my ah.dear , huyooo alot tanglung mounted on top chinatown
i want to take one the nice nice , my ah.dear said she want take the white colour one XD
hope i can CURI it & bring go home put infront my door . hahaha :D
after that we go walk around chinatown , yayaya buy something
my ah.dear buy perfume & bracelet for me XDD
xiexie wo hubby
really singapore is nice city , got alot place for visit .
like that day i ride Jewel Cable Car Ride with my ah.dear
1 ticket is 26 $

hahaha , my ah.bii little bit scare le XDD
she hug me inside cable car , funnyyy de ..
ah.bii next time dont scare again yarrrr
after that we go beach , to bad my camera low adyyy ! =="
ah.bii next time you must bring your camera ,
if not i'll kill youuuu !! XDD


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thanks my dears/babes : )

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