September 8, 2010


we always face a problem like this in relationship :
1. she still love her ex
2. she still keep contact her ex & her ex still take her as gf
3. she love we but she still hope with her ex
4. she give so much hope but thats means nothing
i have experienced case like this ,
and im wrong way n get hurt again XD

i just want teach how to some girl if u have case like this ,
u must know who is her & how she is
then what she had bfore , hurt by her ex or what
if she still has problem with her ex dont make decisions to quickly
asked her what problem she with her ex
if she still complicated ,
love her with 25% your heart then let her solved the problem
try accompany her everyday make her so comfortable with you
then if the problem already solved ,
u can in relationship with her but dont to fast to love her with all your heart
give time & see how her respect
if sure u can love her 50%
and u can long time with her give your full love just for her
love need time for SURE !
so u wont get hurt by girl :DD

if she still complicated with her ex ,
still love her with 25% dont put many hope with her
n slow down for sure
and if in the fact she returned with her ex ,
u just get hurt 25% by her & its very easy to forget about her
im sure if u already meet another girl who can really stolen your heart u can forget your hurt

Photobucket P/S : i learned from all my hurt & experiences that i have . hope can helpful for all girl ♥ [dont forget give comment for ths post]

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