August 17, 2010


it wasn't love at first sight
it came to me late at night
when my soul was filled with life's plight
that was when i saw your ligh

i knew you were who i'd been searching for
the reason i had stepped from the door
you were my personal goddess to the core
you were what i wanted needed & more

i wrote of my love for you
& i went insane bfore it was through
but when the time was past due
i confessed it all in a pew

you hold me how wonderful it was
that my love was sent from above
more beautiful than a soaring dove
& it fit you as a glove

but you just didn't feel that way
& you didn't talk to me the next day
& in you decision i had no say
i merely stood lonely at the bay

i am down on my knees
begging you to hear my plea
hoping that you will see
what you are doing to me

i'd be your slave , if you so desired
for you are the one i've always admired
yet you threw me to the fire
& my situation is dire

i love you - you are my all
but i still walk alone in life's hall
while your shadow is cast over me tall
& i hear my heart's call

so my own goddess hear my prayer
it may not sound fair
but you are my one & only care
& this pain i can no longer bare

so come to me at night
as did your fair
to end my horrible plight
i swear to you , it will be a wonderful sight .

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