July 19, 2010

i wont say that im the only one who loves her
& i wont say i make her happy all the time
there's someone she can't forget
i know she never will, and yet
but as far as my hearts concerned , she's mine
she never once has told me that she needs me
and she forgets when im around her all the time
there are words i try to say
when she turns & walks away
but as far as my heart's concerned , she's mine
she's mine & yet i know someday i'll lose her
but she'll never take this happiness i've found
& i know it may sound foolish when i tell you
that im satisfied just having her around
even when she's in my arms i know she's lonely
i wish that i could take that someone from her mind
but since her mother left our world
she's been daddy's little girl
she's a baby , im her daddy , and she's mine ..

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