July 30, 2010


why can't i speak when i have so much to tell ?
why can't i write when i have so much in mind ?
why can't i sing when there's music in my heart ?
why can't i dance when there's rythm in the air ?

too many words left unspoken
too many things left undone
why can't it be and why cant't i ?
for all i know this pain deep inside
took the gladness from my heart

is this the pain of missing you ?
is this the reason behind it all ?

hear the agony of my heart
longing for you and for your touch
feeling your lips , feeling your face
missing your kisses & warm embrace

when will the waiting ever be over ?
for as long as were apart i can never be whole
my dearest love
i just want you to know
that my heart is aching because

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